Six Nations Skatepark

Oshweken, ON

Our team is grateful for the opportunity to work with the Six Nations Skatepark Committee, community and Council. This inspired group sought approval from council for use of the land, embraced sponsorship partners, and successfully fundraised the entire cash value of their project. Community support was leveraged in the form of in-kind donations in the form of building material, earthwork equipment and finished landscaping, allowing our team to build a larger park, with additional features, including artistic touches such as the Wampum Belt detail. Our work was complimented be a signage element and a shade structure, conceived and built by the Six Nations Skatepark Committe.

The pie-shaped park was designed to fit perfectly with the existing topography and site area. The park gets wider as you ride away from the entrance area, and follow the natural topography of the site across to the west end built up higher to create a transition ramp across the widest stretch of the park. The entrance area provides a great vantage point, gathering and starting area as well as a variety of up/down gap, ledge and rail options you can ride in either direction. The middle section includes a flat rail, slappy bank, manual pad, granite ledge and a variety of A-Frame shaped wedge ramps, ledges and rails.

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