Silvercreek Park Skatepark

Guelph, ON

The Silvercreek Park Skatepark concept design is strongly influenced by the unique site location and community setting. Running parallel to Wellington St. West, providing a prime access road into the City, Silvercreek Park is recognized as key green space, showcasing the natural beauty of the Speed River corridor as a memorable arrival into the downtown core. Situated within the Speed River flood way, the park design is long and linear. The northern section, closer to Wellington Rd., is rendered in straight lines, offering a variety of ‘street skate’ elements including stairs, gaps, hubba ledges, rails and ramps at four separate levels. The southern section is rendered in curvilinear lines responding to the westward flow of the adjacent Speed River, providing a mini-ramp, pocket and ditch section inspired by the Speed River and the preserved green corridor of Silvercreek Park. In consideration of major utility upgrades scheduled for 2014 construction, our team is coordinating overall site re-development plans with the City and the Grand River Conservation Authority through a detailed approvals process.

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