Kanata / Richcraft Skatepark

Ottawa, ON

The RRCK Skatepark consists of just over 10,000 square feet of urban skate plaza elements and an enclosed multi-level bowl centered around an open plaza area featuring a unique, octagon-shaped, manual pad inspired by the components of skateboard hardware and the logo of the Ottawa Skateboard Community Association. The plaza design includes three main sections, each providing connection to the adjacent bus lay-by and walkways and each directed back to the middle plaza space, providing beginner, intermediate and advanced features. Opposite the bus lay-by and service entrance roadways, nestled to the edge of a preserved woodlot, the elevated deck of the enclosed bowl provides additional stair set, bank ramp and flat ledge terrain. The bowl area combines a 5 foot deep shallow end with an escalating pocket and a 7 foot deep end 3/4 bowl.  Big thanks to http://scottdreamsofskateparks.blogspot.com for some shots of the park!

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