Father David Bauer / Waterloo Skatepark

Waterloo, ON

The Waterloo Skatepark consists of 10,000 square feet of hybrid skatepark and urban plaza elements that encircle the center ‘volcano’ ramp / planter feature. The intent of the design was to create a space for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders to interact and enjoy progressively more challenging terrain including two level, four level, six level and seven level stair sets, each complimented with handrails, hubba ledges, ‘cheat ramps’ and manual pads. The east side of the park has a set of oversized stairs / ledges that serve as informal bleaches for spectating while the north and west sides of the park are encircled with flatbank ramps that allow skaters ride and flow around obstacles and throughout the park. The Waterloo Skatepark is the first of several future parks to be implemented in the City per the Action Sports Strategic Plan (authored by our team) and is the kick-off project for the future FDB Park Master Plan, abutting Waterloo Park.  Thanks to www.sessionatlas.com and www.scottdreamsofskateparks.blogspot.com for some great pics!

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