Kinsmen Skate Plaza

Medicine Hat, AB

The Kinsmen Skate Plaza represents the culmination of over 5 years of advocacy, fundraising, and planning by the Medicine Hat Skateboard Association, the City of Medicine Hat, and our design-build team. Developed as an expansion to the city’s existing Inland Skatepark (built a decade earlier), the Plaza Expansion reflects a significant leap forward in design and construction practices – featuring highly integrated urban plaza terrain and a modern three pocket bowl unit precisely catered to the desires of the community and the character of the unique Three Person’s Creek site. Park detailing picks up the City’s iconic association with brick making and natural gas production, with a signature ‘Gas Lantern’ Slappy Loading Dock feature and red stamped integral coloured concrete accents found throughout the facility. Now open, the park plays host to one of the largest amateur skateboarding events in Western Canada (Beat the Heat) and is programmed with lessons and other special events on a regular basis.

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