Heritage Skate Plaza

St. Cloud, MN

This incredible project was part of the redevelopment and relocation of the original St Cloud Skate Plaza. The new park not only pays homage to the original space but expands opportunities for every level of rider. Even some of the original granite found its way into the redeveloped space. Integrated brick textures, out ledges, manual pads, down rails and stairs mimic the urban environment while integrated transition facilitates the flow from element to element. Distinct elements like the a-frame rail, curved ledges and integrated planter bring together the best trends in modern skatepark design. The new flow bowl has three distinct heights allowing riders to progress their skills and the corner extension with pool coping gives the bowl an authentic backyard feel. As the park’s new layout and design was created from a collaborative process with the local user community, skaters, bikers and other wheeled enthusiasts have welcomed the new plaza with open arms. With the sensitivity of relocating and redeveloping any park, it was critical that the new space retained the best attributes of the old and introduced accessible and exciting new opportunities for the local scene.

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