Queen’s County Skatepark

Liverpool, NS

Skaters from across the province, the Country and further have been giving the Mersey Skatepark positive reviews, citing it as one of the best skateparks in eastern Canada.  Opened on July 1, 2017, the Mersey Skatepark is an example of community spirit and community support at its best. The Queens County Skatepark Association, formed in 2012 with the vision that “It’s Time For a Skatepark in Queens!”, approached the Region of Queens Municipality’s Council for funding support and the land to help them to bring a 20 year dream to life.  A successful community fundraising campaign helped to build the park that the skater community envisioned.  In close consultation with the local skater community it was determined that the park would house the largest and most diverse bowls in the province. A lower range flow section and modern street section makes the Mersey Skatepark suitable for all ages, abilities and styles. The Mersey Skatepark is a Region of Queens Municipal park, owned and maintained by the Municipality.

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