Carstairs Skatepark

Carstairs, AB

With a high concentration of skateparks in the communities surrounding Carstairs, the local skaters demanded something new, unique and different. During our interactive design workshop, they were captivated by the shapes, flow and fun of the new skatepark typology of “organic flow” while also recognizing the need for the timeless staples of street skating. Due to strong community involvement and local donations in-kind, we were also able to achieve their dream of including a small stand-alone bowl. Of course were sure to locate the bowl so that gaps and transfers between the organic flow section are possible for more advanced riders, but for the most part, the park functions as three distinct areas. When the park is busy, the three areas create a higher safe carrying capacity, reducing user conflict. When the park is quiet, riders can link lines between all three areas in an exciting multi-terrain experience. By designing three distinct areas as opposed to one large park blending everything together, each terrain typology can be fully expressed, rather than a more typical “mash-up” park where multiple terrain types are blended together into one area.

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