Richmond Hill, Ontario

Lake Wilcox Skatepark Grand Opening

We are happy to announce that the residents of Richmond Hill, Ontario along with City Officials, celebrated the
grand opening of the city’s new 17,000 square-foot modern skatepark on June 8th, 2019. The newly completed facility
in Lake Wilcox Park provides a safe and inclusive space designated for wheeled-sports enthusiasts to recreate,
develop their skills, and foster positive community.

With initial planning beginning in Spring of 2016, our Project Manager Bill Gurney worked closely with the municipality
and local community through every stage of the park’s conceptual and technical design. It was essential that
the skatepark integrate well with Lake Wilcox Park and all existing and future recreational amenities. With the third
phase of Richmond Hill’s award winning Lake Wilcox Park being specifically focused on the youth population, the
fully integrated skatepark sits well as a complimentary amenity. In addition to the expansive skatepark, the new
Youth Park also includes basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, outdoor exercise equipment, seating nodes, a
sculptural climber, shade structures and an array of public art elements.

The modern skatepark includes a primary Plaza Area with the addition of a separate enclosed Flow Bowl. The Plaza
Area is over 200 feet in length and includes traditional flat ground ‘street’ elements as well as variably sized stair
sets with a progression of rails and ledges that address beginner through advanced riders. The expansive Flow Bowl
includes four, six and eight foot depths, a 9 foot half pipe with pool block coping and a dramatic 14 foot over-vertical
‘capsule”. The ‘capsule’ is prominently visible from Bayview Ave. and provides one of several different opportunities
for a public / street art component to help enliven the youth park and help create its own unique identity.

We would like to thank the City of Richmond Hill, Municipal staff, local advocates and residents for their meaningful
participation and allowing us to be a part of this ground breaking project.

Oververt Photo By: Shutterspeed | Aerial Photo By: Session Atlas


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