NE Community Skatepark

Frisco, TX

The Northeast Community Skatepark in Frisco, TX is a destination level, world-class all-wheeled mecca designed to accommodate users of all ages and skill levels. With over an acre of carefully detailed skateable terrain, this skatepark has A LOT OF EVERYTHING… FOR EVERYONE. The park consists of 3 main areas: the central Plaza, expansive modern Flow Complex, and competition-level Vert Bowl. The terrain experience is complimented by a state-of-the-art lighting system, significant integrated viewing and rest areas, custom sculptural features, stunning landscaping and mature oak trees, and a network of pedestrian linkages to the greater site’s amenities (soccer fields, children’s playscape, fishing pond etc). A big thank you and congratulations to the City of Frisco and their passionate residents for investing in this landmark community-driven project!

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