Granbury Skate Plaza

Granbury, TX

At approximately 6,000 square feet, and for all ages and skill levels, the Granbury skate park design takes the general shape of a triangle, consisting of three plaza lanes and a fully encapsulated bowl. The center of the triangle is a large landscaped area, breaking up what would otherwise be an expanse of concrete. The plaza elements include several rails and ledges, a 4 stair set, bank to bank, quarter pipe, and a unique Granbury-themed skateable signage feature closest to the parking lot. The profile of the signage symbolizes the mesa locally named Comanche Peak. Just a few miles from Granbury, this peak is the highest in Hood County and was the meeting ground for Comanche Indians. The words “Granbury Skate Park Dedicated to Keith W. Callahan” on the sign facing the parking lot is a show of thanks for Mr. Callahan’s many years as the City’s Director of City Services.

The skate park bowl has three pockets with depths from 3.5 feet to 5.5 feet. The metal skate park coping blends into concrete at the shallow section, allowing skaters to roll in to begin their runs. The skate park is connected to the existing walking path that encircles Granbury City Park, allowing skaters easy and safe access.

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