Port Moody Skatepark

Concrete Skateboarding and local reviews

“If you were to build a perfect park for street skaters, this would be it.”
(Skatepark Check by Brian Caissie)


Port Moody
“The development process included meetings with local youth where Mark van der Zalm and Kyle Dion provided a presentation to our Youth Focus Committee and skatepark subcommittee to gather input on desired skatepark elements and general layout ideas for consideration in the design. The result has been a facility that has a superior concrete finish to any of the other skateparks we visited and the design was praised by our Municipal Insurance Association representative due to the excellent visibility of other users and the linear traffic flow on the park. The park is well used by youth and even on rainy days a few skateboarders can usually be seen on the park.”
- Ron Higo, Manager of Recreational services & Facilities, City of Port Moody

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