Tsawwassen Skatepark

SBC and local reviews

"...The reason people like me are driving to the outer reaches of Tsawwassen is simple and concrete: - T-town's newly poured skatepark. Yes indeedy, a concrete thunderstorm happened, much like it has all over the Lower Mainland and across Canada for that matter. New Line Channeled and moulded this terrific and terrible force into a sick little spot..."
(Park Life: The Tsawwassen Youth Park, 2002, by Frank Daniello)


“Of great importance was NLS’ assistance in getting our fundraising program going. They helped us identify potential classes of donors, and discussed with us the kinds of “in kind” donations we might seek. They identified potential foundation donors and provided us with information concerning the past practices of those foundations. They helped design a PowerPoint presentation which has been the core of our fundraising pitches.”
- Murray Lott, Director, Tsawwassen Skate Park Association

“…We have no problem in highly recommending this consulting team for your project. After interviewing several leading design teams in the greater Vancouver area, we are satisfied that we made the right choice. They have met and surpassed our expectations in all facets of the process.”
- Kathy Broad-Scott, Fundraising and Volunteer Coordinator, Tsawwassen Skate Park Association

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