Prince George Skatepark

Concrete Skateboarding and local reviews

"...The Prince George Park is HELLA sick, there is all sorts of stuff to skate, like a nice looking bowl for the tranny dogs and a huge street course for the street dogs to get their shine on."
(Monke Team On The Road - By Elliott MacDonald.)


Prince George
Your consulting team has provided us with the technical expertise in understanding skate park user group requirements as well as the architectural and engineering considerations. Your team also had the unique ability to communicate well with a varied stakeholder group, ranging from pre-teenage users to City Administration staff. This is particularly important, as our understanding of the skateboarding communities’ needs and desires is limited, as with many municipalities.”
- Laurie-Ann Kosec, Parks & Open Space Planner, City of Prince George

Prince George:
“Rave Reviews from local teens greet early opening of city’s new skate park”

Prince George Citizen
“Thousands help open park”

Prince George Citizen, Sept. 12, 2002
“New skatepark draws national attention”

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