Amelia Mayberry Skatepark

Whittier, CA

New Line Skateparks was excited by the opportunity to collaborate with RJM Design Group Inc, in the design of the new 18,000 square foot skatepark at Amelia Mayberry park in Whittier, CA. The product of public advocacy and planning by the Municipality, this modern, fully integrated and site specific concrete skatepark is sure to be a celebrated facility for local community and a destination for riders across the region.

This skate plaza has a – less is more – open concept with intersecting lanes that address the request from locals to have a variety of ledges and rails. The urban style terrain pays homage to what locals enjoy skating in the streets of Whittier. A blend of unique elements that are both ridable and aesthetically pleasing sets this project apart from anything else in the region. Its signature red and green accent colors highlighting the local culture. Having a balance of banks and transitions for continuous open flow with a variety of elevation changes and an organic flow bowl, provides a great riding experience for beginners and experienced users throughout the entire skatepark. Through close collaboration with local community, it was determined that beyond the immediate user group, this facility was to become a welcome and inclusive component of the greater Amelia Mayberry Park.

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