Saskatoon Skatepark

Saskatoon is now home to a 20,000 square foot, outdoor concrete youth park, built on the river bank of the North Saskatchewan river in Victoria Park (Spadina Cr West and Ave G South). This park is one of New Line's finest pieces of work to date, with cutting edge designs and obstacles and an almost glass like finish. With a full scale street section spined into a perfect bowl, this park has something for everyone! Surrounded by upper deck quarterpipes for speed generation and flow, the street section contains multiple down ledges, up gaps, handrails, banks, hips and stairs. With special features like the 'big roller,''super booter,' and 'baby blue flatbar,' the possibilites are endless. The bowl is a traditional kidney shape with a shallow 5' end waterfalling into the deeper 7' end with perfect coping and a deep to shallow end hip. This park is a must-skate if you are in the Saskatoon area. You won't be disappointed!

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